Unforgettable experiences, very close to Mother Earth!

The Spitalerhof is a small farm run by Erhard and Verena. In addition to his work as a teacher, Erhard is mainly responsible for the livestock and the maintenance of the meadows. Young cattle are kept for rearing, sheep and various poultry.

Farmer Verena takes care of the house and the family, works the vegetable field sustainably and processes the fruit and vegetables into delicious products.

You are welcome to help: feel the earth, learn more about plants and their use, sow and harvest yourself!

Children Mia, Lucy and Juri bring plenty of life to the farm and discover new play oases here and there. They feed the rabbits and guinea pigs, fetch the eggs from the “chicken lodge” and romp around with our cat called “Socke”.

Grandfather Luis, who regularly visits the farm and actively helps where a hand is needed, also supports the work on the farm.



The year at the Spitalerhof has a thousand facets and is captivating again and again:

The year at the Spitalerhof has a thousand facets and is captivating again and again:

In January and February, clear sunny days or flaky snowfall dominate everyday life. The farm life takes place mostly inside the stable and the house. Farmer Erhard feeds the cattle and sheep  in the mornings and evenings. Our chickens and ducks, but also various migratory birds, woodpeckers or jaybirds are busy gathering around the stray food, because otherwise there is little food to be found on the ground. In lush snowfall the kids play and create funny snow creatures on our farm.

For skiing or other snow fun the ski area Meran 2000, reachable in 15 minutes,  is well equipped and optimal!

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In March, farmer Verena stings the first fresh cigory (dandelion) and prepares with it wonderful salads. The surrounding nature awakes from its hibernation.

In April the sheep with their newborn lambs come from the stable to the pasture and accompany us through the day with their bell ringing. From time to time one of our hens now takes care of the offspring and walks around the farm with her flock of chicks.

In May, work begins in the garden and in the fields; sowing is done with great care and the germination of the plants is followed.

In June the elder bushes bloom everywhere, from which we obtain delicious cordials and jelly. The strawberries and currants are now ripe and are diligently eaten by the children. The scent of freshly mown hay is in the air, and the dull evenings invite you to linger.

In July the farm is in full bloom; butterflies, fireflies and bees swarm around, and in the garden and field the vegetables ripen: salads, courgettes, peas, chard, beetroot, and much more! Freshly harvested on the table it tastes just as good!

The second mowing takes place in August; the “Gruemet”, a grass cuttings full of spicy herbs, which tastes especially good to sheep.
Verena is now busy preserving vegetables and fruit so that we are well supplied with the farm products even during the cold season.

September and October are called “Golden Autumn” here on the Tschöggelberg plateau: wonderfully sunny days are ideal for hiking through the colourful forests. Most of the restaurants offer seasonal delicacies and the traditional “Törggelen” (= local meat specialities with fermenting grape juice “Suser” and roasted chestnuts).

Our sheep and young cattle come back from the alp and are allowed to graze on our meadows until the first cold snap.

November and December invite you to find peace and quiet and recharge your batteries. The stable work begins again, the sheep are shorn again and the wool is used as needed to cover the winter plants or matted into nice felt presents by the farmer’s wife Verena and the children.


Every time of the year has its special features and makes a holiday at the Spitalerhof unforgettable!


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